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Scannable tickets allowing your volunteers to use our IOS or android app so they can scan tickets using their own phones.


Agfast has created an e-ticketing solution for event organizers. It was originally designed for small organizations in regional Australia. Running events has become difficult due to covid 19 rules and regulations. Agfast is here to help communities have successful events.
We charge no fees for free events. We do reserve the right to refuse an event that we deem not socially responsible or not safe .

Event organizers pay no fees.
Attendees pay 2% plus 30 cents per ticket fee and this includes all transaction fees.

All ticket revenue is dispersed to event organizers on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday all funds that have cleared for an event will be paid into the event organizer’s nominated bank account.  Event organizers can now receive this revenue from presales each week leading up to the event.

An event organizer must assume responsibility for making refunds to all clients when required, since they are holding the ticket sale revenue. If an organizer changes the date of an event once a ticket sale has been made they must offer the customer a refund if the customer does not wish to attend the new date. If the event has to be canceled due to weather or for any safety reasons they must refund the client. If the event organizer cancels the event for any reason they must offer the client a full refund.

If an event is canceled  Agfast agrees to return all fees it has been paid to the event organizer once it has been confirmed that they have refunded the customers in full.

If agreed by both parties Agfast can facilitate the refunds to clients when an event is canceled. If a customer wishes to get a refund for an event it will be the decision of the event organizer. It is recommended that the refund policy be set out prior to an event being created. Agfast on occasions may refund a customer if they deem that they are not being treated fairly. Agfast reserve the right to stop selling tickets for an event organizer if they feel the organizer is not running a safe event or mistreating customers as per Australian consumer laws.

Booking fees have all the same terms mentioned above.

User name for App is

API KEY WHICH IS REQUIRED WHEN DOWNLOADING SCANNING APP IS    1842682033     Quick set up Tips:   App Guide


Features that we offer are as follows
1. Scannable tickets allow your volunteers to use our IOS or android app so they can scan tickets using their own phones.
2. Attendees will be sent a scannable ticket by email so they have the ticket sitting on their phone and have no need to print it out.
3. If the attendee wishes to print out the ticket this can be used at the gate. This allows customers who do not own smartphones to have a normal ticket.
4. We help organizers use our event ticketing with their Facebook marketing or their direct marketing.

To get started you simply submit your event on this website. You will need the following to get started.
1. Date
2. Price
3. Location
4. Info about event
5. Three photos
Our team is always happy to help and we recommend adding as much information as possible, so your attendees are well informed. We are happy to help you put an event online if required. Our ticketing includes any covid information required at the time. For example, attendees will have to agree to supply information to authorities if required for health reasons.
At Agfast we handle all types of events. We have a sound understanding of how hard it is for a committee to work together and make events happen. We have some standard safety net policies to help people trust Agfast.
1. Every time a ticket is sold the event organizers receive an email.

2. Agfast is an Australian company and all data is stored in Australia and is not shared or sold to any other parties. The owner of Agfast is John Hudson and his family has been involved in Australian Agriculture for over 90 Years.

Agfast has the capacity to make changes to events quickly we like to get involved with our event organizers and build personal relationships. Being considered as part of the team that delivers a great event is our objective.

Attendees pay 2 % plus  30 cents per ticket fee