Agfast Event Marketing Plan

Step 1.

We will help you produce a special VIP ticket offer for all your old customers.

Our design team can produce a great-looking email with buy now buttons and heaps of eye-catching features it is an HTML responsive email that costs $25.

Step 2.

Your ticketing online is set up prior to your VIP campaign and is ready to make sales. We just need prices, dates, and location.   Once again, no cost to the event organizer.

Step 3.

Marketing Plan roll-out

We have a pretty awesome bulk email service that delivers your pre-release offer to your existing clients. We usually deliver this message 3 times in 14 days and then once again a week before the event. Once again at no cost.


Facebook does work!!

If an event organizer wants us to create a Facebook ad where we are targeting a specific audience, we are happy to do this as well. We usually do this on the day that the VIP ticket offer is to end. We usually recommend a budget of $200 over 5 days and are happy to handle it for people who have not done this before. You may consider adding money to your ticket pricing to expand this budget for next year but that is your call. We know that this method of marketing is far more effective than cross-marketing of events on our website, more expensive ticketing operations are trying to sell this concept to event organizers. But we know our customers who go to the Opera rarely go to a Rodeo.

Step 5.

6 weeks prior to the event we will produce an A4 leaflet to market the event, and this is designed with a QR code that allows clients to buy tickets easily using their smart phone. These are great to leave in local businesses ’ waiting rooms or coffee shops. This Qr code is also very handy to use on static signage for the event.