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Canada Itinerary 5th June 2023

We have 45 spots available for riders and 4 for partners. If we get more partners who wish to come another hire car cost can be shared between them. We will ask that this be paid in advance on an equal basis of all partners who attend the ride.  The partners will have to pay at least  $700 each for hire car cost and $400 for fuel. Partners are required to pay $700 deposit as well. They are in a hire car for 14 days which is fully insured. These figures may vary slightly we will be transparent with the charges to all parties.

Bike Loading: approx. 1st  APRIL 2023  in Brisbane ,Melbourne and Sydney

Gps units are to be posted to APC RALLY P.O box 785 Bulimba QLD 4171 in June. A Canadian map set will be loaded on your GPS for you as well as the track. Those who have spare GPS units should send them as well. When your GPS or bike stops working and you are pulled up under a tree I swear you nearly always hear bears.

Freight Information.

3     40 ft containers in total. Bris, Syd and Vic .  You need to provide your own tie downs .

Notes: no fuel in tanks, battery not attached, extremely clean, under bash plates inside guards everywhere. Bikes should be packed with gear on them and ready to go. Riding gear in bags also needs to be very clean. Helmets and spare cloths can go in container. Include two tie downs and wheel chock or spring to hold front wheel up.

Telstra have a roaming deal for data and it’s important to get it so the group trackers show up on your phone also handy for other stuff. We have phone service for approx 40% of riding time.


Your “go to Hospital “drybag should include a set of cloths , thongs ,phone charger, cigarette lighter ,next of kin contact details, copy of medical insurance, copy of passport, copy of credit cards, hat ,sunglasses and $300 Canadian dollars. Every rider needs to have this on their bike at all times.

No camping gear is required and a bag will be carried in the truck for you but you should always carry some cloths and shoes in case the support truck does not show. I would also recommend carrying plenty of spare and tools. There are less bike shops then in Australia and very little capacity to get things fixed. For example if you own a KTM 690 bring a fuel filter, fuel pump and injector.

Fuel range required is 430 km.

We will be starting the ride at Whistler resort. When riders fly in they can go directly to the shed we have organised below and pick up there bikes. It will be up to riders if they wish to spend more time in Vancouver and this will be most likely decided by their flight times. Where the bikes are stored we can only access during business hours . It takes about 3 hours to pack your bike and reattach the battery and get some fuel. A fuel station is 50 meters from the shed. The support team will be flying in on the 20th June 2023 and then be heading out to Whistler on the 21st June 2023 at 10-am .It is highly advisable that you come with us.



Canada 5th June 2023    Bike prep 8-00 am till 11 pm 65a  avenue Langley ,Vancouver.

Ride distance 161 km all bitumen from the shed in Vancouver out to Whistler resort.  Mind blowing scenery for the  last half of this ride. Riding on opposite side of road. It will be about 26 degrees so no warm weather gear required. Just bring wet weather gear.

Whistler Blackcombe we are staying two nights in this location. It’s about 3 hours ride from Vancouver some spectacular country. If someone has problems with flights we would rather be waiting at a world-famous resort rather than in Vancouver


Accom that night is at Sundial Boutique resort ($240p/n). For those who are brave you can hire a mountain bike and take on some of the best tracks in the world. Others can do Gondola rides which are amazing.  Whistler village has at about 10 restaurants and plenty of shops. Your partners will love this place. Downhill mountain bikes and gear can be hired please stick to the easy runs we don’t want anyone hurt.


6th June 2023  Some will be sitting at a roof top bar watching the mountain bike action and the snow capped mountains some will be out doing walks, some will be shopping, some will be doing a zip line ride that is the longest in the world. Some will be on mountain bike tracks that are just incredible.  Some may have had flight troubles and will be arriving in Vancouver and then riding up to Whistler.

Rule Number 1 . Whenever you fuel up fill everything. We are in another country and are riding some wild tracks. If one bridge is taken out we may have to do an extra 200 km . This place has less fuel stations then Australia. Leave Vancouver with a full fuel load.

Day 1 of riding

  7th June 2023  8-00 am we start riding and the action starts.  514 km.  Dest: Williams lake

Big mountains,big rivers, big lakes, River cable ferry across raging river. Accom for the night is at Best Western Williams lake. Old hotel but no other options. At one point, we need to ride in and out of a town to get fuel and food. Just zoom out when you see two purple lines and it will make sense. This is at 170 km. Support crew will follow in cars and miss technical sections. We will have a tailgate party at the end of most days and do some quick maintenance on the bikes whilst having a beer. Always fill up bikes at the end of each and fill camel backs so we are ready to go for the next day. On most days, the GPS course is that accurate it takes you to your room of the hotel just zoom in. Dinner is at a pub not far from hotel and breakfast is just at the hotel. We all put in $20 per day and the support teams keep the eskys full. This way riders can have  a beer whilst sorting out their bikes at the end of the day.


Day 2 Riding 8th June 2023  7-00 am start   630 km   Destination 100 Mile House

This is when you start seeing amazing clear lakes. Every creek you pass has a waterfall and is crystal clear. Fuel at 117 km more fuel in another 300 km

We are staying at Ramada Limited at 100 Mile house. Good Mexican next to hotel with motorbike shop across the road. Very small shop. Big day tomorrow.

This trip is not just about riding it will make you reflect on your life and what’s important in the coming years. Don’t get me wrong the riding is exceptional but the scenery is simply the best I have seen.

Day 3 riding   9th June 2023  at 7.00 am   Destination :Kelowna   665 km Fuel at 118 and 280.


You are nearly riding next to a lake the entire day. Some amazing views of Mabel lake in the last part of the day. Big day and its all great riding. You need to look after yourself and drink water and have breaks you will probably not have ridden section as long as these where it’s all good riding.

Bike shop : Kelowna Honda 1250860 1111   858 Mc Curdy Pl, Kelowna

We stay ay Kelowna Inn and suites 1070 Harvey Ave Kelowna, BC v1y 8s4  Ph 12507622533

Day 4  10th June 2023  start at 7-00 am 626 km Destination : Kaslo  ( Bear country)


Ferry ride early in the day so we should all try to head out in the morning together because its an hour between ferrys. Stay at KASLO Hotel 430 Front street, Kaslo. Ph 1 8668231433Gps route does not go direct to hotel so you will need to ask someone, small place so should be no problem.


Day 5  11th June 2023 start at 7-00 am 606 km Destination: Fernie

We hit 2000 meter elevation today. It’s another big days riding. If a rider is needing a short day to recover at the 172 km mark you can zoom out and miss half a day if you just go left across to the purple line and then another left once you hit it. The picture below should explain things. The riding is exceptional so you should only miss it if you are suffering from a bear injury.

We stay at Riverside Mountain Village  249 Riverside way ,Fernie, BC VOB 1m1 ph 2504232099

Day 6 11th June 2023   327 km Start at 7-00 am      Destination :  Calgary

We ride some awesome tracks right into Calgary and you will see oil pumps next to some massive houses. We are there 2 weeks after the Calgary stampede. Great  place to buy a pair of nice boots.

The track will take you to Blackfoot motorsports we should get there about 1-00 pm. Where we all will do rear tyre changes. Any single bikes should do oil changes. This bike shop is awesome and allows us to work in their workshop just please be respectful and ask permission first. Any partners should head straight to the hotel because central Calgary is nice. We are staying at hotel Blackfoot  5940 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary ph 403 252 2253. Will all end up in Central Calgary for a drink and dinner. When at the bike shop we all need to pitch in and help each other. I am trying to avoid spending two nights in Calgary because Jasper is incredible.


Day 7  12th June 2023   Start at 7-00 am Destination : Jasper

We will be staying for two nights in this location allowing for a rest day . We will start this at 9-00 am.

We are staying at Maligne Lodge   912 Connaught Drive , Jasper Ab


Day 8 13th June 2023 rest day in Jasper Rest day

We are staying at Maligne Lodge   912 Connaught Drive , Jasper Ab

Bush walk out to lake is an option.


Day 9   14th  June 2023   400 km   We will do a bitumen ride that follows the famous Rocky Mountaineer train journey thru the Rockies. It goes to Quensel and back.

Jasper National park and this is why we are staying two days .

Day 10   15th June 2023 288 km Destination Banff start at 9-00 am

This is one of the most scenic roads in the world. There are sky walks and the famous Lake louise

Lake Louise

We are staying at Banff Voyager Inn  555 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B5, Canada Approx $270 per night for twin. Banff is very expensive but it’s worth being in the village.


Day 11  16th June 2023  553 km Destination Creston

Well you have been rested so today we are back into the riding in a big way. With awesome trails.

We go over a lake called Baynes lake and it is the ultimate waterski lake with aqua water. I saw a wolf and a moose in this section last time. Once again we follow some amazing lakes in the area.

. We are staying at Creston Hotel and Suites  Address1418 Canyon St, Creston, BC V0B 1G4, Canada ph 250 4282225. Vehicles cant follow there are bridges that are only 1 meter wide.


Day 12 17th June 2023  329 km  Destination : Grand Forks

This has some technical riding but we are shadowing a Highway so if it is belting you then you have an option to take the road. We are right on the U.S border here. The other side of the creek is the USA. We are straying at Johnnys motel 291 BC-3 Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H9 Canada  ph 250 442 8242


Day 13   18th June 2023      485 km destination:   Vancouver

Another good day of riding with plenty to see especially in the morning .  We are staying at the same hotel in Vancouver . Hampton Inn hotel Langley/Surrey 19500 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 7R2,

Day 14  19th June 2023   We clean the bikes and then pack them in the shipping container we then visit a gun and shoot AR 15;s ,50 cal and Glock 9mm range in the afternoon and then rental cars returned and we go out for last dinner.

Flights back to Australia should be booked anytime from the 20th June 2023 Flights back home.

In approx. 3 months the bikes will return to Australia and I will take any interstate bikes to Bikesonly transport  ph 1300 735468 at Slacks creek where they can be returned to the owners.

Here is what the ride looks like from the space station.