The story

Agfast is Australia’s largest online store for Agriculture products. They have been involved in regional events for over 90 years. Covid 19 has made organizing events exceedingly difficult and e-ticketing became vital to be able to hold events because of contact tracing.

Our business plan is simple we pay our event organizers revenue every week leading up to the event which means they have pre-event funds to hire equipment. We also charge fewer fees than our competitors which means the customers are the winners. Event organizers don’t pay us any setup fees.

When we are asked by an event organizer, how it all works we simply set up a fully functional ticketing page for their event and then they can see it. We just need the Dates and times, Event location, and ticket fees. It’s usually set up the same day they make an enquiry.

We prefer to set up events for our customers rather than having them wasting time learning how to do it. All is done free of charge we understand that a committee needs to see it works before committing.

Many e-ticketing companies are large companies that are foreign-owned and have high running costs. Their services are just too expensive for many event organizers and this is why Agfast used its technical team to create an e-ticketing service that is completely transparent and is cheaper than any other company.
Our service provides all the same reports as the more expensive companies and we can help you market your event in a very effective manner. We will provide you a link that you can use on your Facebook page and website. This will lead your customers directly to your ticket sales.

John Hudson CEO